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Seller Type

You're ready to sell things you no longer need from your own wedding without leaving them on Facebook marketplace for weeks or months at a time - OR - you're a wedding artisan ready to connect with couples.  You've come to the right place!  Please select the type and number of vendor spaces you would like to book:

Table only - one table to display your wares (6 or 8' rectangle or 60" circle.  Generally customers will only approach a rectangle from one side while circles give 360 degree access)

Booth space - 10'x10' of floor space with two tables included

Artisan - If you create the decor you are selling (e.g. cake, desserts, flowers, invitations, photography, decorations, etc.), this is the one for you.  As a reminder, no MLM items at this event.  Includes the same space/equipment as a resale booth


Load in and setup will be from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.  10:30 is when the first VIP attendees can enter, so please be ready for them!  Blue Vista will not collect any fees from vendors other than this sign-up fee.  Blue Vista will also not handle any transactions - please arrange payment directly with your customers.  This page will be updated with additional answers as questions come in!