Playing at the Lakes

Rent our kayaks or bring your own and explore Tuttle Creek Lake (Fancy Creek Park lake access is a 5 min. drive from BV) or take a short drive to Milford Lake (30 min. drive to Milford Recreation Area). Milford is also known for its excellent fishing.

On the Trails

Explore the rocky outcrops and winding creek beds of this area on foot, in a jeep, on a motorcycle, ATV, mountain bike, or horse. See our Local Adventure page for trails around BV as well as the trails at Milford Lake and the School Creek Off Road Vehicle Area on the West side of Milford Lake.

Quality Time Inside

When you just want some quiet quality time snuggled up inside, we've got board games in every room and great internet to stream your favorite media on our Smart TVs. You can also have food delivery services (e.g., Hello Fresh) delivered straight to BV and cook in a kitchen you don't have to clean!

Outside at BV

Set up our inflatable chairs and yard games in the Rose Quarry and enjoy the sound of waves on the shore while you play. Roast marshmallows at the fire pit as the sunset lights up the hills. When the wind picks up, enjoy some kite flying. 

Tailored Experiences

Want more of an adventure? Book a guided driftwood hunt for a nature made memento of your stay. Want to brush up on your dance skills? Book a swing dancing lesson and get your groove on. 

Visit us!

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