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Day of Week

Gather with up to 70 close friends and family in the Stone Lodge's grand Hearth Room, scenic deck, and nearby Tallgrass Meadow.  The Savvy Soirée includes two nights in our 2-bedroom/1-bath suite and 48 hours on site to decorate the day before and clean up the next morning (noon the day before - noon the day after).  Chairs, tables, white tablecloths, outdoor chairs, and sound system are all included and are set up by Blue Vista staff.

For more details, please contact us for the next steps. You can start a booking by selecting the month below and checking out.  Use the code DEPOSIT during checkout and you will be charged 50% of the listed price as a deposit, and we will send you the contract to complete the booking.

The "Within 4 Months" price is for events booked on short notice (it's not just a clever name) and is per day and without lodging or tablecloths.  It does still include chairs, tables, use of our sound system, and much more!