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Feel certain you want to get married but uncertain how to gather your friends and family for a party in these unprecedented times? You don't need to sit in the ambiguity and wait to officially join your lives - do a minimony now and a party later!  And best of all, if you choose to have your large reception at Blue Vista, we will give you credit on the large wedding package for whatever you pay for the minimony!

Enjoy a small, relaxed ceremony on a high bluff with sweeping views of the Flint Hills and Tuttle Creek Lake. Take beautiful pictures and video to commemorate it and throw the big bash when the future is more clear.

The rental time is for the use of our Tallgrass Meadow, the Lodge Hearth Room, and the Hearth Room Deck to have multiple options to match your vision and accommodate all potential weather situations.  Minimonies include staff assistance with setup, and we'll take care of putting everything away.

Minimonies are always available Sunday - Thursday, and they are also available Fridays and Saturdays within 4 months of the booking date.  Other options such as full-day rental are also available.  And if you're looking for a small-medium ceremony and reception, take a look at our wedding packages or contact us with any questions!