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Fresh squeezed lemonade is almost indescribable if you've only ever had the powdered kind, and it's worth the hype!  Our lemon smasher makes the process easy and streamlined - we provide the equipment including the cups, lids, and paper straws, you bring the lemons, sugar, and thirsty people (and vodka, if it's that kind of event)!

Whenever you rent this package, we provide training for the equipment and cups/lids that are a perfect fit.  Cost is $60 to rent plus $1.40 for each 32 oz cup used, and the first 30 are free with a rental.  We have sold lemonade very successfully at $5/cup, so this could be excellent for a fundraiser (ask us about our non-profit discount). Delivery and pickup are available for a small fee, as well.

Bring a fresh, unique taste to your next event with easy and fun fresh-squeezed lemonade!