Catering Fees

Catering Fees

February 06, 2018

We’ve recently come to a decision about our catering fees that we think you’ll be happy with. 

Wait – catering fee?  What’s a catering fee?!

A lot of venues charge a fee to catering companies who work at their events for the use of their facilities and equipment.  Some venues have made extensive investments in all kinds of kitchen equipment, and they feel that provides enough benefits to the catering companies that they charge a fee for the value provided.  This is pretty common practice in the Manhattan, KS area, with fees commonly ranging from 12-18% of the catering charge.  While the fee is charged to the catering company, it’s pretty much always passed along to whoever is paying for the wedding.

During our design phase, we met with multiple high-quality catering companies in the area to find out what equipment would be really useful (and what wouldn’t!), how much space was needed, and what layouts would work best.  We’re making targeted investments so that our catering prep kitchens are a pleasure to use and, most importantly, allow for smooth, quick, seamless service for the event at hand.  It’s easy for a catering fee to feel like a hidden charge, too, and that’s why…

Blue Vista has officially decided NOT to charge a catering fee.  We do require the use of eco-friendly dishes (compostable or recyclable) if disposables are used to help us achieve our goal of zero-landfill. The extra costs for that will be much less than a catering fee would be, and it benefits the earth.

If you’d like to know more about our recommended vendors or what’s require to make the list, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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